American, b. in 1991 – Moira Maloney is an interdisciplinary artist whose work exaggerates the absurdities of our now ordinary digital lives and questions the novelty and promises of ubiquitous technologies.

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"Haunting Hand (User Not Found)"
"Quiet Skies (It's Tomorrow)"

12th September 2020 – 7th November 2020
Group Show, "The Shape of Sculpture" The Sculpture Center, Cleveland, OH

Curated by Sarah Kabot
"Saturated Libidinal Attachment: Fabrics of Sexuation"​​​​​​​

25th August 2019 – 1st October 2019
Group show, "Housewarming", Detroit

"To Stop Txt EXIT (Message Send Failure)"

Press: Featured in Barbed™Magazine, Issue #08, Fall 2019, Pages 6 – 48

"Proceed to the Route: Your (Pre)destination is on the Right"

14th April 2019 – 12th May 2019
Group Show, Cranbrook Art Museum 

Photography c/o Sarah Blanchette

"Quiet Skies (It's Tomorrow)"

13th April 2019 – 20th April 2019
Group Show, Capital City Film Festival, "House of More"

Curated by Crystal Mioner


17th December 2018
Forum Art Gallery

Photography c/o Sarah Thomas


14th September 2018
Group Show, Forum Art Gallery, "The Summer Show"

Curated by Jennifer Lindemer