American, b. in 1991 – Moira Maloney is an interdisciplinary artist whose work exaggerates the absurdities of our now ordinary digital lives and questions the novelty and promises of ubiquitous technologies.

"Haunting Hand (User Not Found)"
"Quiet Skies (It's Tomorrow)"

12th September 2020 – 7th November 2020
Group Show, "The Shape of Sculpture" The Sculpture Center, Cleveland, OH

Curated by Sarah Kabot
"Saturated Libidinal Attachment: Fabrics of Sexuation"​​​​​​​

25th August 2019 – 1st October 2019
Group show, "Housewarming", Detroit

"To Stop Txt EXIT (Message Send Failure)"

Press: Featured in Barbed™Magazine, Issue #08, Fall 2019, Pages 6 – 48

"Proceed to the Route: Your (Pre)destination is on the Right"

14th April 2019 – 12th May 2019
Group Show, Cranbrook Art Museum 

Photography c/o Sarah Blanchette

"Quiet Skies (It's Tomorrow)"

13th April 2019 – 20th April 2019
Group Show, Capital City Film Festival, "House of More"

Curated by Crystal Mioner


17th December 2018
Forum Art Gallery

Photography c/o Sarah Thomas


14th September 2018
Group Show, Forum Art Gallery, "The Summer Show"

Curated by Jennifer Lindemer